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International Youth Conference


(Moscow, April 14–18, 2014)

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The conference is organized by the Steklov Mathematical Institute (RAS) and the Geometric Control Theory Laboratory of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics (SB RAS) within the framework of the grant Geometric Control Theory and Analysis on Metric Structures. The conference is devoted to problems arising in geometric control theory and to related problems in geometry and control. Young scientists are supposed to be the main contributors.

The conference will be held in Moscow, at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, from April 14 to 18, 2014.
Organizing Committee:
Andrey Agrachev (Chairman, Steklov Institute),
Konstantin Besov (Steklov Institute),
Aleksandr Izaak (Steklov Institute),
Eugene Malkovich (Sobolev Institute),
Alexander Pechen (Academic Secretary of the Steklov Institute),
Svetlana Selivanova (Sobolev Institute),
Armen Sergeev (Deputy Director of the Steklov Institute)

Program Committee:
Davide Barilari (CMAP),
Alexey Davydov (Vladimir University),
Antonio Lerario (Purdue University),
Yuri Sachkov (Program Systems Institute),
Iskander Taimanov (Sobolev Institute),
Sergei Vodop'yanov (Sobolev Institute)

Conference language: English.


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