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International Youth Conference


(Moscow, April 14–18, 2014)

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How to get to conference venue:

The conference will be held in Moscow, at the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina str. 8, 9th floor. The registered participants will be accommodated in the Akademicheskaya Hotel (Moscow, Donskaya str., 1) and in the guest rooms of the Steklov Institute (Gubkina str. 8, 2nd floor; room keys should be collected from the security guard at the entrance). Detailed information on the place of accommodation will be (or has already been) sent to each registered participant in an e-mail.

The easiest way to get from any airport to the hotel or institute is to use Aeroexpress service (an express train to Moscow). Trains depart every 30 minutes. The ticket costs between 340 (no reserved seat) and 900 (reserved seat) roubles. The journey to one of the central railway terminals takes about 30-40 minutes. More information about Aeroexpress can be found on its official website (English)

From Sheremetyevo (or Domodedovo, or Vnukovo) airport: Take Aeroexpress to Belorusskaya (or Paveletskaya, or Kievskaya) railway station. Then follow the signs to Belorusskaya (or Paveletskaya, or Kievskaya) metro station (brown circular line) and take the metro to Akademicheskaya or Leninslii prospekt metro station (Steklov Institute guest rooms) or Oktyabrskaya metro station (Akademicheskaya Hotel).

The entrances to Moscow Metro are labelled with a red letter „M”. The fare in Metro varies from 30 roubles (0.6 Euro) to 20 roubles (0.4 Euro) per journey depending on the number of rides. We recommend buying a ticket for at least 5 rides because it is more economical. Here is information on the types of tickets:
Metro tickets are also valid on buses, trolleybuses and trams.
Here is the Moscow metro scheme:

The Akademicheskaya Hotel is located near Oktyabrskaya metro station (see the scheme for location and other details including phone numbers).

The Steklov Institute can be reached
  • from Leninslii prospekt metro station, take tram no. 14 or 39 to the stop “Ulitsa Gubkina” (see map);
  • from Akademicheskaya metro station, walk about 15 minutes (see map);
  • from Oktyabrskaya metro station, take bus no. 111 or trolleybus no. 4, 33, 62 or 84 to the stop “Magazin Moskva” (see map); not the best way, but it may be considered by the residents of the Akademicheskaya Hotel to avoid taking the metro.
Approximate bus, trolleybus and tram schedule can be found here (in Russian).

See also some information about restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the Steklov Institute here and here (the latter may be slightly obsolete).
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